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Building really intelligent machines, or so-called strong AI, a daunting task for technology. I describe here an approach that can lead to creation of strong AI. The approach requires two technological novelties. One is a novel way of organizing knowledge. The other is a novel way for knowledge acquisition. Both novelties heavily mimic biology. The...
Nine Dots Digital - Emerging Technology Insights Blog - AI,AGI, artificial, machine learning
There is a long-lasting dream in creating artificial general intelligence (AGI) Today’s artificial intelligence (AI) is not yet there. The approach of today is to implement algorithms based on insights of human programmers and engineers. Hence, much effort is being invested into engineering new learning algorithms and information processing systems. The hope is that a...
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Developments in fields such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, robotics, nanotechnology, 3D printing and genetics and biotechnology are all building on and amplifying one another
From smartphones to smart fridges, technology has played a major role in advancing most areas of our everyday lives — but it is also transforming the world of industry
Today, countries and organizations are pouring billions into Artificial Intelligence, whose recent advancements have startled even scientists operating in the field
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As more businesses are pushing for new ways to implement deep learning and data science and reap the benefits of robotics, an AI boom is obviously not coming: it's already here